Rick Warren Transitions into a Dog so He Can Become First Dog Ordained as a Pastor

Megachurch pastor Rick Warren announced that he will be transitioning into a dog in order to ordain himself as the first canine preacher in history.

Warren, who is best known for his bestselling book “The Purpose Driven Life,” made the announcement during a recent sermon at Saddleback Church in California.

“I’ve always felt a deep connection to my furry friends, and I’ve come to realize that my true calling is to spread the word of God to the canine community,” Warren said.

The pastor went on to explain that he has been undergoing a series of intense training sessions to prepare for his new role as a dog, including learning how to fetch, roll over, and beg for forgiveness.

“I know it may seem strange to some, but I truly believe that this is the path that God has laid out for me,” Warren said.

Many members of Warren’s congregation were shocked by the announcement, with some even calling for his resignation. But Warren remains steadfast in his decision, saying that he is eager to start preaching to his new flock and sharing the love of God with man’s best friend.

“I may not be able to speak the same language as my four-legged brothers and sisters, but I know that God will find a way to communicate through me,” Warren said.

While some may find the idea of a dog pastor to be unusual, Warren is confident that this is just the beginning of a new era in the world of religion.

“Who knows, maybe one day there will be cat preachers and bird bishops too,” Warren said with a wag of his tail.

The dog pastor plans to start his new role in next month, and he already has quite a following of dog lovers and curious people who are eager to see what he will do.

This is truly a new chapter in the history of religious figures and we are excited to see how this will unfold.