Musk to Fauci: After I Take Over the Universe, There Will Be Accountability

In a shocking announcement, tech billionaire Elon Musk declared that he plans to take over the world and, once in control, will act as judge, jury, and sentencer to sentence Dr. Anthony Fauci to life on another planet.

“I’m tired of Fauci and his so-called ‘expertise,'” Musk said in a recent interview. “He’s been wrong about everything and it’s time for him to pay the price.”

Musk’s plans for world domination include building a massive army of robots, which he will use to overthrow governments and seize control of key institutions. “I’m not afraid to use force if necessary,” he said, smirking. “I’ve got the technology and the resources to make it happen.”

Once he has established himself as the supreme ruler of the world, Musk plans to exile Fauci to a distant planet where he can conduct his controversial gain of function research in solitude. “Fauci can conduct all the dangerous experiments he wants, without endangering anyone else,” Musk said. “It’s the perfect solution.”

Many have criticized Musk’s plans as reckless and dangerous, but he remains unrepentant. “I know what’s best for the world, and I will stop at nothing to make it happen,” he said. “Fauci and his ilk are a threat to us all, and they must be dealt with accordingly.”

Only time will tell if Musk will succeed in his bid for world domination, but one thing is certain: the fate of Fauci hangs in the balance.