After Pictures of Them Wearing Whiteface Surface, Couple Loses Performing Arts Careers

Almost two decades ago, Lee and Maryanna Joyner say they did something really stupid that they now regret. After pictures of the performing arts duo surfaced of them wearing whiteface before one of their public performances, the Joyners told Nod Daily that if they could go back and do it all over again, they wouldn’t even dream of doing such a hideously racist thing.

“We were really young back then,” the couple told Nod Daily News. “We really just didn’t know any better.”

The Joyners told Nod Daily News that they are highly in tune with just how insensitive they were and that they now understand that what they did most likely caused lasting trauma in the lives of countless White people.

“Over the years, we’ve learned much about the racial insensitivities of White people,” Maryanna said, acknowledging that losing her career over this is well-deserved.

“We are committed to hearing the cries of those we’ve irreversibly harmed,” Lee added, “and will commit the rest of our lives fighting against racism.”