Victoria Osteen Says the Scriptures Remind Her of Super Mario Brothers

Joel & Victoria Osteen @ Earth City Campus April 14, 2013 flickr photo by yourfaithchurch shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license

Victoria, the wife of famous pastor Joel Osteen, recently published a cryptic tweet referencing Psalm 107:2 stating that the Scriptures say “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so.” She then said that if you’re going to “go to the next level,” you’re going to have to declare it.

Nod Daily reached out to Victoria for clarification and asked her exactly what she means by “going to go to the next level.”

“Life is like a video game,” Osteen told Nod Daily. “We’re constantly having to level up, you know, like in Super Mario Brothers.”

“Think of your drug addiction like an obstacle in the game,” she continued, “drugs are like Koopa Troopas—you just have to keep stomping on them and declaring over them.”

Osteen then told us that, sadly, many succumb to King Koopa in real life often hearing those dreaded words when they die: “You lose!”

“That is, unfortunately, the reality for many in this lifetime,” Osteen said. “We live a life of Super Mario Brothers and some of us just don’t collect enough gold coins, many won’t ever defeat their own Goliath, King Koopa, and most will never get to see Super Mario Brothers II.”