Progressive Evangelicals Wonder Why all the Unvaccinated Evangelicals Disappeared From Earth

Earth (Nod Daily) — Earlier this morning, a stunning event that the world has never seen took place. At around 8:01 am Eastern Standard Time, roughly one-third of the world’s population suddenly vanished from the face of the Earth.

Some Evangelical leaders are concerned about the correlation with forced vaccination programs around the world. “We believe that those who were unvaccinated caught a strange new strand of COVID that not only caused sudden death but also took their bodies,” said Mark Keller, a Gospel Coalition associate. “We have urged Christians to get vaccinated, but many simply refused.”

Nod Daily reached out to Keller and asked why he believed it was so important to be vaccinated. “It’s very important to be vaccinated,” said Keller, “as the government has made it clear that we will not be able to buy or sell anything–not even food–without our proof of vaccination.”

Other Evangelical leaders have suggested that they may have heard something about this in their Bibles, maybe in the book of Revelation, however, the Bible is not something they are overly familiar with.