Stacey Abrams is Livid: “They’re Taking Away My Right to Cheat!”

Stacey Abrams

Stacey Abrams

In the wake of massive election reform in Georgia that would restrict voting to legally registered voters, former gubernatorial candidate, Stacey Abrams, says she’s livid.

“They’re taking away my right to cheat,” Abrams told Nod Daily. “How are Democrats like myself supposed to ever get in office unless we’re able to orchestrate large-scale voter fraud?”

The new legislation will not allow illegal immigrants to vote, will require residents to provide a valid, government-issued identification when registering to vote, and will take a stronger stance against ballot harvesting and signature verification. It will also encode stronger enforcement of the rules allowing poll watchers since, during the last election, many poll watchers were forced out.

“This is horrific,” Abrams continued. “We cannot stand by and allow the Republicans to enact this horrible legislation that would suppress out-of-state voters, dead voters, and illegal immigrant voters.”

“They all have a constitutional right to vote,” she explained, “and by not allowing these individuals to vote, the country is moving in the wrong direction. We need to oppose this anti-cheating legislation for the good of the country.”