Leading Bioethicist Says Biological Sex a Social Construct Designed to Oppress Stronger Athletes

Washington D.C. (Nod Daily News) — The nation’s leading bioethicist, Joe Biden, has declared that science has proven that there are no genetic or biological differences between men and women.

“Today marks a quantum leap in our movement for equality,” Biden announced. “The science has proven unequivocally that if you’re assigned male at birth, and you later choose otherwise, there are no biological obstacles standing in the way of what’s right for you.”

Nod Daily News reached out to Biden for comment but was unavailable. His team offered the following statement:

As bigoted politicians and feminists around the nation team up to oppress transgender athletes, Joe Biden has made it clear that the nation will not tolerate this kind of behavior. With the new data extracted from genetic testing, it has become clear that biological sex is nothing more than a social construct conceived to give weaker athletes an advantage on the playing field and to oppress athletes who’ve worked harder to achieve increased muscle tone.

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