Joe Biden Says He Hopes to Be The First African American Woman in the White House

Joe Biden

Joe Biden

Portsmouth, NH — In an interview with Nod Daily News, Joe Biden said that he had high hopes of becoming the first African American president some day.

“In my recent loss of the U.S. Senate seat against Kamala Harris,” Biden said, “it’s become even more important that we have an African American woman run for office in the United States.” He continued, “And I think I’m the right person for the job.”

Biden told Nod Daily News that he was just as smart as the white kids when he was in high school and that he never had any problem figuring out who he was going to vote for. “I knew even back then that if I didn’t cast my vote for Bill Clinton, I ain’t Black,” he told Nod.

“Right now, we’ve never had an articulate African American woman in the White House,” Biden said. “We’ve had Kamala Harris and Barack Hussein, but both of them ain’t Black.”

Biden insists that the nation is fed up with old, straight, white men running the country and are ready for real change.