Future of Tater Tots in Jeopardy as Hasbro Moves to Neuter Mr. Potato Head

Tater Tots - Mr. Potato Head

Tater Tots

PAWTUCKET, RI — The future of the kids’ lunchtime favorite is now in jeopardy as the toy giant, Hasbro, announces they will no longer sell Mr. Potato Head and will move to a gender-neutral version known simply as Potato Head.

The move has parents around the nation concerned as potato reproduction depends on both a male and a female. “If Mr. Potato Head ceases to exist,” Debbie Johnson complained, “who will Mrs. Potato Head join with in matrimony?”

Other parents also reached out to Nod Daily to express their frustration. “Our kids love their tater tots,” one citizen of Rhode Island stated. “It’s the only thing our kids will eat for lunch,” said another.

Nod Daily reached out to Hasbro for comment but the company did not respond.