School Celebrates Diversity by Reading Modified Dr. Seuss Book That Removes Racial Stereotypes


ATLANTA, GA — An elementary school in the Metro Atlanta area is celebrating diversity today by reading a Dr. Seuss book that has been modified to remove any possibility of racial insensitivity from it.

Dr. Seuss has been under a lot of pressure in recent weeks to ramp ups their cultural sensitivity as many are angry that the books depict racial stereotypes which can cause offense to minority groups.

“What better way to celebrate diversity than to remove any reference to diversity in classic books,” Principal Ella DeGermain of Summer Hill Elementary told Nod Daily. “When we were told of these new modified books by Dr. Seuss, we knew we had to jump on quick.”

Several of the students at Summer Hill felt that by reading Dr. Seuss books, they were being marginalized.

“The high-level math present in One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish is an obvious product of white supremacy,” Wanda Sykes told Nod Daily, “and the references to color were just blatant racism.”

The new version, “Fish Fish Fish Fish” removes all references to color and math and is expected to be released to the general public next month.

Nod Daily reached out to Dr. Seuss who offered the following statement. “We are pleased with our new diversity program which seeks to remove all references to diversity, math, or color from all of our materials. We hope that we can advance the cause of love and harmony by doing so.”