Black Transgender White Supremacist Bartender Acknowledges His White Privilege, Repents

Dearborn, MI — A black transgender white supremacist in the greater Detroit area is speaking out about his privilege. Antoine Jackson, 33, says that he acknowledges that his own inner white supremacy has caused him to be an oppressor as he’s earned a living in this world.

“Despite the fact that I’m gay, transgender, and Black,” Jackson told Nod Daily, “I am a white supremacist because I have not been fired from my bartending job at Mickle’s Pub for being Black.”

Jackson said he feels shame that his privilege has enabled him to hold a job at the expense of others. “It’s a shame that I was able to go to bartending school,” Jackson said. “I now realize that what I should have done–the right thing to do–would have been to check my privilege.”

Jackson now says he wants to give his job to other oppressed people in need. “I’m am a beneficiary of a white supremacist culture that has enabled me, a gay, transgender, black man, to hold a job simply because I’ve worked hard, educated myself, and earned it. That’s just not right,” Jackson said. “I didn’t build that,” he added.

Jackson said he wants others to learn from his mistakes and learn how to lay down their own privilege to help those underprivileged people shouldn’t have to work to survive in this cruel city.