Pastor Who Ran Out of Sermon Ideas Says He Opened Bible, Found Entire List in the Front

FRESNO, CA — Stefan Furbank, 66, a pastor in Fresno who says he’s been preaching for 29 years said he’s been having a lot of trouble coming up with sermon ideas lately.

“I’ve been feeding these sheep for years,” Furbank told Nod Daily, “and they’ve always enjoyed my stories.” Furbank also said he’d never been so stuck as he’s been for the last year and a half. “I feel like I’ve just had preacher’s block, I just couldn’t think of anything.”

Furbank was on the verge of giving up and retiring, he said. “I had been looking through my diary, I’d been searching my old archives, I even called up a few friends to see if they’d had anything interesting happen that I could preach about,” Furbank said. “I was trying to come up with a farewell sermon.”

That’s when things seemingly miraculously changed. “As I was looking,” he said, “I opened up my bible, and there, in the very front, was an entire list of sermon outlines. Sixty-six of them. Right there, the whole time, I tell ya.”

Furbank said when he saw these sermon outlines, he was overjoyed. He realized that he now had endless sermons to preach and an entire journey of learning new things he could take his congregation with him on.