Coca-Cola to Give Sensitivity Training to Sprite on How to be Less White

In the wake of outrage over alleged sensitivity training that Coca-Cola has been forcing its employees to take on how to be less white, it has now come to light that the soft drink giant has been doing the same with its other brands of non-BIPOC sodas.

Last week, Coca-Cola told Nod Daily that it had been working on a training course for Sprite, Schweppes, and even Dasani to help them recognize and fight against the inherent racism in them that’s not prevalent in sodas of color.

“We’ve had numerous complaints from our customers,” Larry Idol, a training manager for Coca-Cola told Nod Daily, “that these sodas made them feel oppressed.” Idol said they wanted to respond by acknowledging the insensitivity and correct it.” One option, Idol said, was to add a new food coloring to the recipe.

Coca-Cola has also offered to reach across the aisle to other companies such as Pepsi and offer their training course to their brands such as Sierra Mist and Deer Park. There is no word if Pepsi plans to join the cause.

Nod Daily reached out to Sprite for comment and Sprite offered the following statement:

We understand that our racism has affected many of our beloved sodas of color that we call friends and we’re eager to move forward in this training and to learn how to be less oppressive.