Charismatic Prophets Prophesy that Donald Trump May or May Not Run For President Again

After Joe Biden was sworn into office after the 2020 election, the charismatic prophets who told us all that God told them Donald Trump was going to have a second term rallied together to figure out what went wrong.

One prophet with pink hair said that she really believes that she prophesied correctly and that Trump is still the president.

Others, however, joined in on a Zoom call to discuss the outcome and came to the conclusion that the reason their prophecies were false were because they were too specific.

Kat Taylor, a prophetess from Georgia said that in 2024, they’re going to band together to in prophetic unity. “Right now,” Taylor said, “God has told us that Donald Trump may or may not run for president again.”

She continued, “We are united in this consensus. We believe that this prophecy is a genuine move of the Holy Spirit and it will surely come to pass.”