Southern Baptists Move to Remove Slave-Owner’s Name From Book of the Bible

In an ever-sweeping move by woke Southern Baptists, the denomination’s most outspoken anti-racist leaders are now calling on the Church to remove Philemon’s name from the famous epistle written by Paul.

Paul, a white supremacist who was complicit in slave-ownership, penned a letter to Philemon, a slave-owner affirming him as a brother in Christ as he asked permission from Philemon to use his slave for mission work.

“The fact that Paul felt he needed Philemon’s permission to free a slave,” Dwight McKissic, a black Southern Baptist pastor said, “is evidence that Paul, himself, was complicit in the sin of owning other people.”

McKissic added that Jesus primarily died to free slaves and to believe otherwise suggests that one is not regenerate.

As slave-owner names are being torn down and replaced in Southern Baptist institutions across the nation, Other Southern Baptist leaders have joined the call to rename the book of Philemon. Though they have not agreed on a new name for the epistle as of yet, it is clear that they all agree on one thing; Paul was a heretic and Philemon was not saved.

Some have suggested removing the book altogether while others have suggested leaving it in with footnotes.