Transgenders Pushing For Legislation to Affirm Their Trans-Sex Organs

Transgenders in California are pushing for legislation that would force doctors and public organizations to refer to their biological sex organs as the sex organ of their choice. This would force doctors, schools, and others to refer to a biological male who identifies as a female as a male and to their vagina as a “penis.”

“I was assigned female at birth,” Chasity Harper told Nod Daily, “but I am a man and I have a penis. My penis may look different than other men, but it isn’t right to refer to my sex organs as a vagina simply because it was assigned vagina at birth.”

Harper raised the point that if people can identify as transgender, then sex organs should be able to identify as whatever they choose as well.

“Some men have penises, some men have vaginas,” Harper continued, “but some of us have a different kind of penis. It lacks a scrotum, a shaft, and a head, but it’s still a penis.”

Harper plans on taking her challenge to the Supreme Court if necessary.