Beth Moore Announces New Pop Album: I’m Home in 2020

After years of being out and about, famous Southern Baptist motivational speaker, Beth Moore announced on Twitter that she’s launching a brand new pop Christian album dubbed I’m Home in 2020.

“I know I’ve been very annoying this year,” Moore said in a statement to Nod Daily, “I stir up so much trouble. Now it’s time for me to go home and stir up some chili for my husband.” Moore stated that she wanted to follow in the spirit and footsteps of Steven Furtick who also capitalized on John MacArthur’s criticism several years ago when John MacArthur likewise gave a one-line answer to Furtick, “unqualified.” Furtick then wrote a best-seller titled Unqualified.

Earlier this year, John MacArthur fielded questions about Beth Moore at a conference where he gave a one-line answer, “go home.”

Moore’s announcement came after she told her Twitter audience from her iPhone that she was going to try to be “less annoying” in 2020.

One commenter on Moore’s thread said: “Beth, watching you preach is the most annoying thing ever.” Another follower, in response to a question from a Christian radio host who asked what we should say to her “face-to-face” given the opportunity, replied, “go home!”

Beth Moore replied, “okay!”

The album is expected to be released sometime in February. “But not until,” she states “after I figure out my place in the kitchen.”