TGC Editor Says the Root of Our Problems is “Sadness,” and By “Sadness,” I mean “Racism”


Editor at Large of the Gospel Coalition, Gordon Sanchez, says that the root of our problems in this world is “sadness.”

And by “sadness,” he means “racism.”

Nod Daily contacted Sanchez for further comment, on the video below, stating that the world is just so overrun with racism that the sadness in society is just overwhelming. “Sadness has taken over schools, churches, and public libraries.”

“White sadness is the most egregious form of sadness we face as a society,” Sanchez said, “causing more sadness trauma than any other form of sadness we’ve ever seen.” A recent study showed that those who suffer from post white sadness syndrome are far more likely to identify as gay, straight, bisexual, or other later in life.