The Gospel Coalition Digs Up 2000-Year-Old Photo of Jesus “Gently Correcting” False Teachers

jesus whip of cords

In the aftermath of a riot following the release of an article at The Gospel Coalition (TGC) that calls on men to “gently correct” others to be like Jesus, TGC digs up a 2000-year-old photo of Jesus gently correcting false teachers during a visit to the local temple.

TGC, which touts itself as the final authority in all matters of faith and morals, responded to the backlash by stating that Jesus never harshly rebuked people, he always approached people in a loving and kind way. “Jesus ate with sinners,” said Matt Smethurst, the Editor in Chief of the online magazine, “and the modern depiction of a harsh and unwavering Jesus is simply false and taken out of context.”

The photo shown below was obtained from The Gospel Coalition’s millennia-old archives that predate the New Testament.

Photo of Jesus “gently correcting” false teachers at the temple.

“We’re not sure why people look at this photo and instantly assume Jesus had an angry side,” Smethurst said, “this clearly depicts Jesus’ tolerance.”

Smethurst added that the “whip of cords” referenced in John 2:15 is actually a mistranslation. It should be “chords,” not “cords,” and is not a corrective device in the physical sense, but a reference to certain chords now popularized in mainstream Hillsong music that eases the mind and allows for rational discussion and tolerance.