Cross-Dressers Join Forces to Oppose Transgender Movement

There is a growing movement in our society that says you can choose to be whoever you want to be. As part of that movement, a growing number of high schoolers are beginning to think they can change their gender.

As seen in many news reports, high school boys are embracing transgenderism and being crowned homecoming queens at an alarming rate. But one group of cross-dressers is speaking out.

A group of cross-dressing girls has joined forces to oppose the invasion of transgenderism in our schools. “Boys are starting to take things from us women,” one cross-dresser said, “they’re stealing things from us that belong to biological women.”

“They have stolen our athletic scholarships, they’ve stolen our homecoming queen trophies,” another said. “They are even stealing our men. And for what?”

The cross-dressers plan to start rallying together at high schools around the country to protest the injustice taking place.