“You Can Be Both Atheist and Christian at the Same Time,” Says Woke Person

atheist christian

Did you know that Christians can be atheists? Did you know that Christians can be agnostic? If you’ve ever pondered this question and struggled with whether or not you wanted to pursue atheism or Christianity, one activist poses the question: why not be both?

That’s the new theory from a woke person on Twitter. In fact, just like men can be women and women can be men, woke people have discovered that Christianity is just like whiteness.

“Christianity is just a power grab,” says one commenter on Twitter, “that was designed by straight, white men for straight, white men.”


But if you’re a Christian, says the activist, “you no longer have to be enslaved to your identity. You can practice both Christianity and atheism at the same time.”

What seems to many people like a contradictory statement can no longer be considered that way. “We live in a relative world,” says the activist. “Truth cannot be absolutely defined objectively, and I absolutely mean that.”