Crazy Blonde Says Stupid Thing on Twitter, Gets Mansplained

Today, it was reported that a crazy blond woman said something stupid on Twitter, and had to have things mansplained to her.

On social media, the crazy woman goes by the alias, Beth Moore. Investigators are trying to find the true identity of the woman, but she has thus far proven to be elusive. Some believe she is a part of a nefarious fringe female-preaching cult.

The outlandish and ridiculous thing she said is “Nothing on earth can make sober people drunker than being invited into a table where they can sip on power. It is a drug like no other.”

Forensic linguists are having trouble deciphering her statement as it appears the lady-preaching cult has developed their own language and cryptic code. There is good reason to believe, however, that they are planning to attack straight, white men.

The threat has been taken seriously, as one man responded to the tweet with another code word, “100.” We don’t know what that means, but it appears the man is trying to explain to her that she has completely, 100 percent lost it.

This news is breaking.